iFlashcard 1-30

Would you love for your preschooler to know and recite their numbers from 1-30 in both English and Spanish? If so, iFlashcards 1 to 30 is the app you've been looking for! This educational and creative app is an exciting new way to help children ages 2-5 do just that.
Thats right iFlashcards 1 to 30 will help your little one not only learn his or her numbers, but it will also teach them the art of counting in Spanish. With iFlashcards 1 to 30 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can give your preschooler that extra head start on the fundamentals of counting. When your budding genius walks into the classroom and begins speaking in a foreign language, other students will be amazed at their ability. By starting out ahead of the curve, your kids will get that boost in self-confidence that will get them excited about learning and keep them there throughout their life.
iFlashcards 1 to 30 features
Information is taught in either English or Spanish. To change the language from English to Spanish, select the Spanish option on the menu. It's all the same information in the same format. It's just in a brand new language!
This educational tool is broken down into several easy-to-use exercise groupings all specifically designed to challenge your childs developing abilities. The numbers are grouped numerically and each set presents its own array of challenges for your child to work through, comprehend, and ultimately master.
This is a straight-forward set of flashcards which acquaint your child with object and number recognition. All numbers are presented sequentially and can be used either forward or backward depending on which way you swipe the screen. It will say the number and show the matching number of images.
This grouping allows your child the ability to count the objects by tapping numbers displayed on a number panel at the top of the screen. The numbers can be tapped either sequentially or randomly. Once a number is tapped, the set box shows the card with the matching number of apples, and the name of the number will sound out.
This set is also presented as buttons on a panel and can be tapped either in order or at random. The set box selects the corresponding card containing a matching number of apples, and the number will be announced.
The Pick-a-Number feature is an exercise that quizzes the child with 10 questions about the information that they have learned. All quiz cards are multiple choice, and generated randomly to prevent memorizing the cards. Just pick the range of numbers in the quiz (0-10, 0-20, or 0-30) and you're off and running. Each card shows a three number series, with one of the numbers missing. When your child picks the right one from three possible answers, the number is automatically put into the series, and the name of the number is announced. All results are tabulated and presented at the end of the quiz so you can monitor progress.
With iFlashcards 1-30 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, your child will be eager to get back to class to share their new-found knowledge. Your friends will be amazed when they see your little one in action reciting math facts in 2 different languages. When youre asked how they did it, just tell them that they learned it on iFlashcards 1-30. Its convenient and easy, and your kids will be begging for more. You can count on it!